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The Story of MyHarness

The Story of 



Hey, my name is Amelia. I’m a passionate animal rights activist and saved my dog ​​Rio from the streets of Spain. I participate in various dog protection organisations and spend most of my time with my dog.

Unfortunately, Rio is suffering on a very strong trauma he got in his previous street life. Everytime he witnesses certain noises like a truck driving past or a working construction site, he’s getting under pressure and tries to run away as fast as he can. 

 In May 2018, Rio and me were taking a walk in the woods when suddenly a truck appeared. Rio was scared immediately, managed to slip his head through his traditional collar and desperately ran away. Fortunately the forest ranger helped me to search him and we finally found him after three long days at a sewage treatment plant in the forest.

After this shocking experience I was trying to think of how I could prevent such incidents in the future and a couple days later I got in touch with my veterinarian friend which helped me to construct a dog harness with a better grip and where the dog is unable to slip his head through. 

In August 2018, we finally manufactured the first so called MyHarness™ and even were able to print the dog owners telephone number onto every singe customers item for extra safety. 

Today, we are more than proud to announce, that we are one of the biggest growing pet care companies in our state, participating in animal rescue and more! 

 Our most important goal is to help as much animals as possible, so we’re donating most of our profit to charity organizations and even local animal shelters. 


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